I Have to Say it Out Loud

It’s hard to accept some things until they’re said out loud.

I just need to tell myself what I will be missing… you should know, too. 

The bridges have burned. There’s no chance you’ll come in my path again.

So this means:

No more heart-to-hearts in your cold car, only warmed up by the love in my heart. 

No more karaoke nights and too many drinks at a cheap hotel bar.

No more breakfasts when the room spins.

No more nights of you telling me all that I need to fix… but man, we were at our best selves then. 

No more jam sessions at 2:20 a.m… (I wish I could have one more drive with you to hear one last solo.)

I’ve left Iowa. I am back where I belong. 

My heart still hurts.

It belongs with you.



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